Best of 2014: Parenting

Parenting is the hardest and most rewarding experience. It forces you to think about the sort of parent that you want to be, which battles are worth fighting, how you are going to tackle a particular situation – all on the fly. The learning curve is steep, but I’m learning every day… and I’m enjoying the ride.

Here are the most popular parenting posts on Danya Banya in 2014. Some are reflective (the posts that leave me feeling vulnerable), and some are fun parenting tips (that I thought you’d enjoy too).


Top Parenting Tips & Reflections of 2014

Top Parenting Reflections and Tips blog posts from Danya Banya for 2014

1. 8 battles that I’m letting my toddler win

2. Invite fairies into your garden

3. How to make a DIY light table

4. 9 reasons to gather natural art & craft materials with your kids

5. How to untangle dolls hair

6. How to stop kids touching things: a positive alternative to ‘Don’t Touch!’

7. Where to find budget friendly art & craft supplies

8. 6 coping strategies for when the kids are driving you insane

9. 10 ways to encourage kids to ‘Think Green’

For more inspiration, pop over to The Reformed Idealist Mom’s huge round up of the Most Popular Parenting Tips of 2014 from parenting bloggers around the globe.

this years most popular parenting tips

And I’m curious – do you have a favourite parenting post / tip / mantra? Any parenting goals for 2015?

xx Danya

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