1. paulinelessonslearntjournal

    Thank you! It makes so much sense… but I must confess I often just say "Don't touch". Great post Danya. xo P
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  2. Such a simple change that can work wonders with small children, and make things like shopping or going to grandma's house so much easier!


  3. I often use the reminder "one finger touching" for very gentle touches as this can also satisfy the urge (where appropriate).
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  4. Love this perspective.
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  5. Jode

    This was a real wake up call for me and really made me think! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  6. Jennifer Brown

    I've read many tips about this, but your has got to be the simplest – and probably effective way of teaching kids not to touch, and soooooo love your approach.

  7. Kate

    I love this so much. Simply focusing on the positives makes such a difference and kids see it as that too. Great post.

  8. Debs

    Lovely respectful suggestions Danya. Thank you. For some reason, my kids starting putting their hands behind their backs when looking at things. I think my older daughter just started doing it so her younger brother copied. Handy but I didn't teach them to do it, lol.

  9. Kelly

    Great approach. In places where there are a lot of breakable things, I give my kids something to do too. I say "hands behind your back" instead of don't touch. Works a treat!
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