Working with Danya Banya

Danya Banya is a personal blog about a young Australian family who enjoy creative, fun and simple activities at home. There is a focus on creative kids’ art and crafts, fun activities and games for kids, DIY toys and gifts, healthy recipes and gentle parenting advice.

The majority of readers are mothers with young kids, living in USA, Australia and the UK.

Danya Banya is well suited to subtly promote family friendly, child-centred products (art supplies, books, educational or open-ended toys, children’s clothing, etc), that can be worn or used during one of our activities.

It is also well suited to promote general kitchen and household items, hardware, nature and garden related products which can feature as one of the ingredients in a fun, creative activity. In fact, many of my activities use everyday household products that are not necessarily traditionally thought of as being ‘toys for kids’, and so provide a unique way to introduce these products and brands to my readers. (For eexample, did you know that family hair conditioner is a key ingredient in this apple-scented play dough? Or that dishwashing detergent makes up one of the ingredients in this shiny aluminium foil paint? This type of post could easily have been written up as a sponsored post for a hair care, or dish-washing detergent brand.)


Working with the Danya Banya brand

On my Danya Banya site and related social media pages, I currently offer a limited number of:

  • sidebar ads, footer ads and in-post ads
  • sponsored posts *
  • giveaways
  • social media features (on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter)
  • content creation (for your brand’s website / brochure)
  • other unique opportunities to fit your brand.

* I’m quite selective about the type of sponsored posts that I offer on Danya Banya. Sponsored posts do best when they are win-win-win: for my readers, for my site, and for the client. I don’t tend to do “review only” type posts. I usually try to highlight products in a unique, non-traditional way, that is in keeping with the creative focus and gentle parenting style of my blog. Please contact me to brainstorm ideas that my readers will love (and in turn, hopefully share with their friends and broaden the post reach even further).

I’m best contacted directly by email at Danya (at) danyabanya (dot) com. You may also wish to contact my agency, Nuffnang Australia, who can coordinate a tailored, single or multi-blog trackable campaign to suit your brand.


What clients saying about working with Danya Banya

“Collaborating with Danya Banya has helped us reach our target audience simply and effortlessly. Danya’s content creation and writing style is faultless. It has been a pleasure working with her” – Spotlight Retail Group

“Hahaha this article is brilliant! I Love it, great work by Danya Banya. Really happy with the way she’s reviewed it and love the different ways to use them!” – Funtastic Ltd


Examples of Sponsored Posts

Here are some examples of successful sponsored posts and posts that contain sponsored advertising, which have been well received by Danya Banya readers.


Sponsored Posts

Containing In-Post Advertising


Just to clarify

  • Danya Banya is a blog written from a personal perspective. I don’t write about or recommend things that we haven’t actually experienced and enjoyed. All review posts must include a product to trial (which should be shipped free of charge, and is not returnable unless special arrangements have been made prior to the item being sent).
  • Just sending a product or voucher to trial does not guarantee if or when will be featured on Danya Banya website or social media. (If you would like to confirm the timing of a review / giveaway post, or to be featured in your own post, please contact me to negotiate sponsored post or social media rates.)
  • In writing a review post, I may use information provided by a client, but posts are always written in my ‘voice’ and from our perspective. Reviews will likely include both positive and negative aspects, and may include reference to other brands. I do give clients a chance to work through major concerns before publishing, but whilst comments will be taken on board, I won’t guarantee to rewrite or change the content. I need to be able to honestly say that opinions expressed on Danya Banya are my (or my kids’) own.
  • All content that has been paid for (by money, product or service) will have a clear disclosure statement, and all links nofollow.
  • Give-aways and competitions will be conducted within legal terms and guidelines. Cost of prize and postage to be paid for by the client, and is usually shipped from the client directly to the winner(s).


Guest Posts

As Danya Banya is a personal style blog, please note that I do not accept guest posts from brands or companies. I do occasionally run guest posts from other bloggers or writers, and will put a call out on the Danya Banya Facebook page when these opportunities arise.


For More Information

For more information, please send an email to Danya (at) danyabanya (dot) com.


Thank you so much for your interest partnering with the Danya Banya brand. I look forward to working with you!


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