Crayon Resist

Low mess, low fuss art idea for kids: ‘magic’ crayon resist watercolour paintings

My 4.5 year old daughter JJ has been asking to paint in that quiet time between dinner and bed lately. It’s that time of day when I’m looking for a low mess, low fuss activity, and I’ve found that crayon resist water colour paintings fit the bill.… Continue reading

Easter sensory tub with chicks, eggs, flowers and of course, The Easter Bunny

Fun Easter sensory bin for kids.

Brought to you by Nuffnang and The Reject Shop.

The kids had (and are still having) loads of fun with this Easter-themed sensory bin that I put together almost entirely with items you can find at The Reject Shop, who is the sponsor of this post today.… Continue reading

How to make really vibrant coloured rice at home ~ Danya Banya

Do you ever have those times where you hesitate to make your own art, craft or sensory supplies, because of a doubt in your mind about how difficult it will actually be? Yeah, I have those too. I had them about making homemade play dough (since reformed), and I’ve had them about dying grains for sensory play.… Continue reading

Cute mouse that kids can help make

Make a cute pebble mouse (or pebble mice!) for imaginative play. Or have one run up a simple rock clock for some Hickory Dickory Dock nursery rhyme fun.

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I didn’t forget that I promised to show you how to make the cute little pebble mouse that we used for our Hickory Dickory Dock Rock Clock.… Continue reading

Toddler and preschooler colour sorting with pony beads

Make a DIY colour sorter using an upcycled egg carton and some paint! For all the colours of the rainbow (and 3 more).

I made this DIY colour sorter for the kids, and it sits in on our craft shelves along with all the colourful loose parts.… Continue reading

The Hickory Dickory Dock Rock Clock (square)

Make a rock clock as a fun Hickory Dickory Dock nursery rhyme activity for kids, for a fun hands on way to practise writing, numeral recognition and clock reading skills through play.

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This is the first post of a brand new series called Rhyme Time!… Continue reading

Using nature as a paintbrush

Printing with nature: fun process oriented art idea for kids; painting with natural items to create interesting patterns and textures.

Making nature prints is one of our favourite ways to paint on sunny afternoons.

I’ve chatted before about the benefits of gathering natural art & craft supplies, and how fun it can be to paint with items found in your backyard. … Continue reading

How to make glow ice

How to make non-toxic glowing ice: fun science and Frozen sensory play for kids.

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Remember the glowing water beads from last week? Well, it sparked an idea that I thought I would try out. I wondered if I could make glowing ice… and it totally worked!… Continue reading