8 Battles I’m Letting my Toddler Win {plus a $250+ BabyLove giveaway}


Picking toddler battles

This post is brought to you by Nuffnang and BabyLove. My darling daughter Bee has just turned two. What an age! She can be sweet, defiant, innocent, mischievous, cute, challenging, independent, stubborn, inquisitive, bossy, confident, self-centred, curious, considerate, kind and adorable … Continue reading

Number Jump! {a number recognition game}


Number recognition jumping play on the trampoline

I’m a huge fan of learning through play. A while back we played a fun number recognition game that involved jumping and chalk, and JJ thought it was awesome. She got to spend quality time with her family, got to … Continue reading

Wormy Apples: an apple craft for toddlers and preschoolers

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The apple worm

Here’s a cute little wormy apple craft idea that we made when apple was the word of the week at Bee’s toddler gym class last term. Of course, I couldn’t make just one apple, so we ended up with a … Continue reading

Pumpkin Geoboard


Nailed it with a yarn spiral

Halloween is almost here! We had so much fun eating our spooky oranges, giving out our spooky eyeballs, and decorating our pumpkin last year, that I couldn’t wait to do another Halloween activity with the kids again this year. I’ve been wanting to make a … Continue reading

The moistest, most yummiest chocolate birthday cake, ever


the moistest and most yummiest chocolate birthday cake ever

Ok, maybe I’m over-selling it a bit in the title, but I have made this dark chocolate mud cake (with dark chocolate ganache and fondant icing) four times in a row now. It’s my new go-to birthday cake recipe, because … Continue reading

A Positive Alternative to ‘Don’t Touch!’


A Positive Alternative to Dont Touch!

Usually I consider myself a hands on mum. I encourage my kids to dig in the dirt, pat dogs, finger paint and collect pebbles. For both my and my kids sanity, most of our house is a ‘please touch’ zone. From the … Continue reading

How to make an Egg Carton Rose

egg carton rose

I got the idea for these egg carton roses when I saw something similar in a beautiful craft display at our local library. Their version was a little more intricate, but it got me thinking about the huge pile of … Continue reading