Kid-Made Chocolate Crackle Easter Eggs with Painted Foil (and on encouraging kids to plan)


Chocolate Crackle Easter Eggs

Inspired by Tinkerlab’s Egg Creative Challenge, I explained to JJ (3 years and 10 months) that one of my ‘computer friends’ is inviting kids around the world to do something with eggs, and that it had to be the kid’s idea. … Continue reading

Decorating Eggs with edible paints and markers


Decorating Eggs with Edible Markers & Paints

Easter’s fast approaching, and in our house that means decorating eggs. Last year we dyed boiled eggs by dipped them in food colouring solution. This year we decided to draw and paint them instead. Bee (18 months), JJ (3 years … Continue reading

Healthy-ish Edible Playdough Recipe


Edible Peanut Butter Playdough

This post comes with a warning to your waistline, because what I am about to show you is disturbingly delicious. It’s edible. It’s low sugar. It’s got only three ingredients. And it’s called either playdough, play dough or play-doh. (Lol – I can never … Continue reading

Four Fun Easter Decorations for Preschoolers


Preschooler Easter egg window art drawing with textas on sticky contact paper

The Easter craft fest has begun in our place with Easter now less than two weeks away. JJ remembered making stained glass and paper Easter egg decorations last year (yay, we’re making craft memories together) and asked to make them again. Given … Continue reading

Make a Sensory Bin with Sticks {part of the 40 Days of Sensory Bin Fillers series}


Using sticks as a sensory bin filler

You may be asking – what is a sensory bin? Sensory bins (or sensory tubs) are an open-ended invitation for preschoolers and toddlers to play in a hands-on way. There is usually an abundance of a particular material (or filler). … Continue reading

6 coping strategies for when the kids are driving you insane


6 Coping Strategies for when the Kids are driving you Insane

Parenting is hard work. It’s so damn relentless. And sometimes, when I’ve been up half the night, Bee is hanging off me like cling wrap, and JJ is whining about the hundredth thing that hour, I just want to SCREAM. … Continue reading

Toddler and preschooler sensory play with shaving cream and mirrors


Easy fun for toddlers! Painting on mirrors with shaving cream

JJ (3 years and 8 months) had so much fun drawing on a mirror recently, that we thought we’d give painting on mirrors a try… with shaving cream! Shaving cream is always a hit in our house (we’ve played with it … Continue reading