Wormy Apples: an apple craft for toddlers and preschoolers

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The apple worm

Here’s a cute little wormy apple craft idea that we made when apple was the word of the week at Bee’s toddler gym class last term. Of course, I couldn’t make just one apple, so we ended up with a … Continue reading

Pumpkin Geoboard


Nailed it with a yarn spiral

Halloween is almost here! We had so much fun eating our spooky oranges, giving out our spooky eyeballs, and decorating our pumpkin last year, that I couldn’t wait to do another Halloween activity with the kids again this year. I’ve been wanting to make a … Continue reading

The moistest, most yummiest chocolate birthday cake, ever


the moistest and most yummiest chocolate birthday cake ever

Ok, maybe I’m over-selling it a bit in the title, but I have made this dark chocolate mud cake (with dark chocolate ganache and fondant icing) four times in a row now. It’s my new go-to birthday cake recipe, because … Continue reading

A Positive Alternative to ‘Don’t Touch!’


A Positive Alternative to Dont Touch!

Usually I consider myself a hands on mum. I encourage my kids to dig in the dirt, pat dogs, finger paint and collect pebbles. For both my and my kids sanity, most of our house is a ‘please touch’ zone. From the … Continue reading

How to Make a Paper Plate Rose


Paper plate rose

We’re planning a Wiggles theme for Bee’s second birthday in a few weeks time, so I’m crash testing some easy Wiggles inspired craft ideas that would be suitable for either toddlers or preschoolers. The first ones we tried were these Dorothy … Continue reading

25 places my toddler didn’t hide my keys…


If you were this cheeky toddler where would you have hidden my keys

So I lost my keys the other day. Actually, correct that. I had my keys lost for me. By whom? My best guess is this cheeky monkey. So I turned to the fountain of knowledge that is Facebook, and asked: “Help me out … Continue reading