Melted Pony Bead Ornaments


asy melted pony bead ornament for preschooler gifts

JJ and I have made DIY Christmas decorations together for the past few years, and I’m keen to continue the tradition. Last year we decorated Christmas baubles and made a star Christmas tree topper and the year before we made footprint mistletoes. This … Continue reading

Christmas Lights Cards from Kids’ Fingerprints


Christmas Lights Cards from Kids Fingerprints ~ Danya Banya

It’s time to send out our Christmas cards! I love home-made Christmas cards. Previously we’ve made cute Rudolph baby footprint Christmas cards and bubble wrap printed Christmas tree cards. This year we opted for a string of Christmas lights, using both the kids’ fingerprints. I love … Continue reading

Make your own wrapping paper, with this easy DIY Christmas bauble stamper


DIY bauble stamper from toilet paper rolls

We’ve been painting BIG this week! Usually we stick the kids art together to make our own wrapping paper, but we’ve had lots of birthdays lately and our art stash is running thin. So we had lots of fun painting … Continue reading

Bubble wrap print Christmas cards for preschoolers


Kid made Christmas Cards using bubble wrap details ~ Danya Banya

It’s that time of year again, and the kids and I have been making home-made Christmas cards all day. I’ll share those with you soon, but in the meantime, I just realised that I haven’t shared these ones that JJ … Continue reading

Rudolph Baby Footprint Christmas Cards


Rudolph footprint baby-made Christmas card

Looking for a baby footprint keepsake or a baby-made Christmas card idea? How about this adorable baby footprint Rudolph??? My daughter JJ and I made a stack of these Christmas cards when she was just a 6 month old baby. Aren’t they … Continue reading

Nature’s Stampers: Making impressions in play dough


Stamping with nature

We’ve had glorious Spring days lately. The birds have been chirpy, the afternoons have been long and lazy, and the Spring flowers and seed pods are out in abundance. We’ve been collecting a few seed pods and other natural items … Continue reading

12 Days of Christmas Toilet Paper Roll Crafts


12 Days of Christmas Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

We’ve had so much fun making Christmas crafts with toilet paper rolls, that I thought I would have a little look around and see what other loo roll or cardboard tube inspired Christmas creations there are out there. Wowzers, there are thousands! So … Continue reading