20 Fine Motor Activities with Aluminium Foil


Tearing and pasting aluminium foil for fine motor play

Fine motor skills. All those tricky small muscle movements in the fingers, hands and wrists that are so important for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners to practise and refine, so they can develop the strength and dexterity needed for many basic life skills, including … Continue reading

Gaspard and Lisa Puppets


Cute Gaspard and Lisa puppets, would be an easy and fun craft idea for preschoolers, and guess what they used to paint Lisa

This is a sponsored post for ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation). Have you ever watched Gaspard and Lisa? JJ first watched it when she was transitioning from a toddler to a preschooler, and she still enjoys watching it today. From a parents point … Continue reading

Easiest DIY fruit and veg fridge magnets ever


easiest DIY upcycled fruit & veg fridge magnets ever, and they are totally free

Make your own upcycled fruit and veg fridge magnets. Easiest DIY ever! Have you been collecting Jamie’s Garden stickers lately? (For international readers these are stickers being given out by one of Australia’s major supermarket chains at the moment.) You could put your stickers in … Continue reading

Paper Plate Panda


Make some Paper Plate Pandas for preschooler threading skills

These cute paper plate panda decorations make a great introduction to hand sewing for preschoolers.One of the book series that I’ve been loving lately is the National Geographic Kids early reader books. These are designed for kids to read themselves, and JJ … Continue reading

Toddler Fine Motor Play: Stacking cereal rings for breakfast


Toddler fine motor play with toothpicks

  We’ve been playing with our food again! This time I served Bee breakfast of banana porridge, fruit cereal rings and toothpicks for a bit of toddler fine motor play. Fruit cereal rings are a very occasional treat in our house, so Bee thought … Continue reading

Spider Web Craft based on The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle


The Very Busy Spider web craft

This is a sponsored post for Hickory Hill. Day and night spider web craft idea to go along Eric Carle’s book The Very Busy Spider, plus a chance to win two pairs of Hickory Hill pyjamas! Bee and I read … Continue reading

Last Minute Gift Idea: Caramel Chip Biscuits in a Jar


Last minute gift idea, caramel chip biscuits in a jar

OK, so I needed a last minute gift idea last week, and my mind flashed to all the beautiful ‘cookie mix in a jar’ posts I’ve seen everywhere lately. Here’s my caramel chip biscuits in a jar version, served in a … Continue reading