How to Make a Paper Plate Rose


Paper plate rose

We’re planning a Wiggles theme for Bee’s second birthday in a few weeks time, so I’m crash testing some easy Wiggles inspired craft ideas that would be suitable for either toddlers or preschoolers. The first ones we tried were these Dorothy … Continue reading

25 places my toddler didn’t hide my keys…


If you were this cheeky toddler where would you have hidden my keys

So I lost my keys the other day. Actually, correct that. I had my keys lost for me. By whom? My best guess is this cheeky monkey. So I turned to the fountain of knowledge that is Facebook, and asked: “Help me out … Continue reading

10 ways to encourage kids to Think Green


10 ways to encourage kids to think green

Here are ten everyday things we do to help encourage environmental awareness in our kids and help them to ‘think green’. Walk more, drive less. Play outside every day if we can. Celebrate the different seasons –  collect Autumn leaves, make kites on … Continue reading

Hand sewing for kids: Heart & Star Decorations


Hand Sewing with Kids easy idea for beginners

We had so much fun making our paper plate pandas recently, that we thought we could try some more hand sewing ideas. This time we made these hand-sewn heart and star decorations. To make them, we used: coloured thread knitters needles (bigger size … Continue reading

Squeeze! Hand strengthening with lemon scented play dough


Hand strengthening with lemon scented play dough

I think it’s fairly clear now that I’m DIY play dough convert. No more little tubs of multi-coloured, dried out crusty dough for us. It’s just too easy to make all sorts of cool varieties at home that feel and … Continue reading