Lunch box idea mini egg and bacon quiche ~ Danya Banya

Recipe for mini egg and bacon quiche – easy and healthy snack recipe for kids.

School lunch boxes.

I worked it out, and between the two girls, I’ve got 5200 of them ahead of me.

I want to serve the girls a variety of delicious and healthy food without adding to the morning rush.… Continue reading

Phasmids are harmless - kids can let them walk all over them

Spiny leaf insects (a type of phasmid or stick insect) make cool & easy pets for kids. Would also make a great classroom pet!

Depending on the exact type, and where you come from, phasmids are also called stick insects, stick-bugs, walking sticks or ghost insects.… Continue reading

TMNT card

Make a (quick) homemade kids’ footprint Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle birthday card.

This was entirely JJ’s idea. She’d been invited to a Teenage Mutant Ninja turtle themed 5th birthday party, and was quite excited. You see, she hadn’t really had been exposed to the whole TMNT thing yet, and was so intrigued about the whole ninja side of it.… Continue reading

DIY sheep masks with a sense of humour ~ Danya Banya

Make a cute cotton wool & paper plate sheep mask to celebrate the Chinese Year of the Sheep or as a lovely Spring craft activity for kids.

With last week being JJ’s first week of school, it was also my toddler Bee’s first week of one-on-one time at home.… Continue reading

Chinese Lanterns made from Babybel Cheese

Cheese Lanterns! For a fun & tasty twist on traditional Chinese lanterns to celebrate Chinese New Year.

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With three keen Mandarin students in our house (myself included), we really enjoy finding snippets of Chinese culture in our daily lives.… Continue reading

dolls hair cut

My daughter JJ asked if she could cut her doll’s hair. In the next split second, these were the thoughts that ran though my head.

On one hand I wanted to keep her doll looking ‘nice’.

I was concerned that the person who had recently given her the doll would be offended.… Continue reading

Aussie Kids Craft Idea make a replica Australian Parliament House flagmast using bendy straws from Danya Banya blog

Aussie kids craft idea: how to make an easy replica of the Australian Parliament House flagmast. See further down for details.

I have a little confession. We may have ducked away to Canberra for the Australia Day long weekend. One last hurrah before JJ starts school on Monday!… Continue reading

Make Heart Shaped Stamps from toilet paper rolls

We had lots of fun stamping with these DIY heart shaped stamps which we made from – you guessed it – toilet paper rolls!

Our two year and three month old toddler Bee has been really interested in heart and star shapes lately, and this interest is what inspired this particular process-orientated art session.… Continue reading