Wattle Painting with Pom Poms {Aussie Art for Kids}

Painting Aussie Wattle (with pom poms) art for kids!

I’ve got another fun Aussie activity for you! This wattle art was actually JJ’s idea, inspired by our bottlebrush paintings that we shared yesterday, and also from the memory of Bee and I using the same yellow glitter glue a few months back, for our wattle collages. (I just love it when the girls extend upon my ideas to come up with their own – that’s the aim of the game!)

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For our Aussie Wattle Art, we used:

JJ and I did this project collaboratively. She’s 5.5 years old, and normally would be able to do most of this project by herself, except I’m cutting her some slack at the moment, because she’s recently had surgery on her right (dominant) hand, and isn’t allowed to use it. We’d also had one of ‘those days’, so to prevent her getting too frustrated, I helped out whenever she asked.

Watercolour background

The first step in this project, was to paint the background blue with watercolours. (We have a set of Micador discs that I love, similar to these). JJ tried to do this step herself (twice), but wasn’t happy with the results, and asked if I could step in and do it again for her. (Usually I would encourage her to keep trying, or be content with her earlier attempts – but we have to pick our battles, and it wasn’t the right day for that particular conversation…)

Painting alternate leaves in green acrylic

The next step was to paint the green leaves, and again JJ asked for my help. (See above about battles).

Painting wattle with pom poms

Once the background and leaves were dry, the next step was to paint the wattle flowers. JJ came up with the idea of using mini pom poms as a stamp, and I added a peg for a handle. This was easy enough for JJ to do with her left hand, and she really enjoyed it. The haphazard way that wattle grows means that there’s no need for precision – you can pretty much dab anywhere and it will look good!

Pom pom painted wattle flowers

Once the yellow was (mostly) dry, JJ went over the wattle flowers with our ‘pom pom stamper’ again, this time using bright yellow glitter glue, adding a touch of sparkle which, we think, looks like wattle pollen glinting in the sunshine.

And last, but not least, JJ painted on her signature black birds in the sky. She’s starting to learn about the relationship between perspective, size and distance. Plus painting birds is fun!

Aussie golden wattle flower painting with pom poms - fun art for kids to learn about Australia and Australian native flora

Even though it was a collaborative effort, I’m still going to call this JJ’s art. It was her idea, and she did all the glory parts. 🙂

Painting Aussie Wattle

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And wishing everyone a happy Australia Day for the 26th!!

xx Danya

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Painting Aussie Wattle (with pom poms). Fun kids activity for Australia Day, or just to learn about our native Australian flora


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