Jingle Sticks – percussion instrument craft for kids

How to make Jingle Sticks – a musical craft that preschool-aged children can make and play.

Jingle Sticks - percussion that kids can make and play with

This year, the autumn days have been too lovely to stay indoors. Bee and and I found ourselves with a spare afternoon, so we headed out to the backyard to soak up the warm weather while it lasts! We found an awesome y-shaped stick that had fallen from our backyard gum tree, and it was just crying out to be turned into a ‘something’. Bee’s been showing a real interest in percussion instruments lately, so I thought we could try making one for ourselves…


How to make a Jingle Stick

We used:

  • a large y-shaped stick
  • yarn (we used wool, but a stronger yarn would be even better)
  • beads
  • bells
  • wool needle
  • scissors

Loads of beads

We have a huge bead collection. Most are pony beads, some are number beads (like the ones we used in our phone number bracelets) and there are lots more salvaged from broken bracelets and necklaces in there too…  We’ve also managed to collect a bunch of different sized bells, most of which have a little loop at the back that’s just perfect for threading.

Threading beads and bells

I tied one end of a piece of wool to one of the stick prongs, and threaded a large-eyed wool needle on to the other end. Then I let Bee have free reign to choose which beads and bells she wanted to thread on.

Making a jingle stick with beads, bells and wool (yarn)

It might not sound like it, but it’s tricky for a 3.5 year old to hold a bead in one hand and thread a needle through the hole with the other. It’s fine, fiddly ‘work’ like this that works on hand eye coordination and developing fine motor skills.

There was a bit of troubleshooting. Bee pulled the needle off the thread a few times (and then asked me to put it back on), before she worked out how best to hold the needle whilst she slid each bell and bead down the wool. Some of our fancy old-necklace beads had holes that were too small to fit the wide-eyed wool needle; Bee tried a few, and soon worked out which ones would work and which ones wouldn’t. All natural learning, without too much intervention from me.

Adding beads to the jingle stick

Once she’d decided she’d added ‘enough’, I tied off the end of the wool to the other prong of the stick.

DIY Jingle Stick music craft for kids


And then shake, shake, shake!

Shaking the jingle stick percussion instrument


After about 15 minutes of vigorous shaking, our piece of wool broke, which is to be expected really. We didn’t mind, we just collected up the scattered beads and bells, grabbed a new piece of wool, and threaded them on again. But if you wanted to, you could alleviate this by using a stronger yarn (such as nylon yarn) or fishing line instead.

Bee was so happy with how her jingle stick looked and sounded. She proudly showed it off to everyone she met for the rest of the day!

Proud jingle stick maker - homemade bell percussion musical instrument craft for kids   Jingle stick - homemade percussion instrument for kids  bells  music


Jingle Sticks - percussion musical instruments that kids can make and play. Fun for preschoolers and up!


Here are some other ways we’ve incorporated music into kid’s play:

xx Danya


  1. What a fab idea. My kids would enjoy making and jingling these. Now to hunt for Y shaped sticks!


    • Thanks, both my kids loved it. (It’s not in the photos, but we actually made a second one for her big sister when she got home). The amount of sticks that our gum tree drops into our backyard is a blessing in disguise sometimes. 🙂


  2. What a lovely instrument! Looks like a lot of fun 🙂


    • Thanks Chelsea – Bee had so much fun with it.


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