Four Fun Ways Preschoolers Can Decorate Christmas Baubles

Four ways preschoolers can decorate baubles for some festive fine motor skill practise this Christmas.

Four fun ways preschoolers can decorate Christmas Baubles - great fine motor skill practise

Preschool holidays are here! My daughter JJ (3.5 years old) and I had lots of fun adding a little homemade touch to our Christmas baubles…


4 Fun Ways To Decorate Christmas Baubles


1. Glitter glue

Using glitter glue to decorate Christmas baubles

Glitter glue decorated Christmas ornaments

JJ always gets excited when we get out the glitter glue pens. She loves to squeeze, and they make fantastic swirls that will stay three dimensional if allowed to dry. (I confess to doing the green and silver one on the left, but JJ did the three on the right all by herself).

2. Glitter & glue

Decorating Christmas ornaments with glitter and glue

A slight variation in effect, but a huge variation in difficulty of the technique. For this method, JJ dipped the bauble into glue, and then sprinkled on the glitter. The dipping bit was easy enough, but she found holding the bauble in one hand and sprinkling with the other to be quite difficult. She clearly enjoyed this challenge however. and decorated several baubles using this technique. She used trial and error to experiment how far away from the bauble to shake to get the best effect.

3. Sprinkle Dipping

Playing with food! Decorating Christmas decorations with sprinkles.

This time, she dipped the bauble into glue first, and then dipped it into sprinkles. I had to emphasise that she can’t eat it however – she would have just loved to have a lick! JJ liked this one the best – crafting with sprinkles is hilarious!

4. Mini stickers

The last technique JJ used was sticking on mini stickers. Peeling off all those tiny stickers provides great fine motor skill and concentration practise!

And here are examples of each of four different techniques all lined up in a row.

4 Ways to Decorate Christmas Baubles

When all the baubles were decorated, they needed somewhere to dry. I thought you might like my improvised drying rack. πŸ™‚

Improvised drying rack

Add some silver string, and hang them from your tree!

Kid-made DIY Christmas tree decorations

Kid-made DIY Christmas tree decorations

Pretty! I love Christmas. It’s so shiny. πŸ™‚


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xx Danya

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