CD Ghosts

Have you got old CDs gathering dust? They’re great for upcycled kids’ crafts! Here’s some CD ghosts we made for Halloween.

Halloween decoration idea: upcycled CD Ghosts

The girls and I made these CD Ghosts as DIY Halloween decorations last year. Aren’t they cute? I think so!

Want to see how we made them???

 How to make upcycled CD Ghosts for Halloween

Halloween falls in the spring in Australia, so it’s always a lovely time to head outdoors for some painting. My toddler Bee (2 years, 1 month) and I painted old CDs alongside each other – these were mostly ancient Windows 95 CDs that we won’t be needing anytime soon!

Bee painted hers with white water-based paints, whereas I used white acrylics. (Acrylic paint ‘sticks’ much better to the CD, but I didn’t want to have to wash it out of Bee’s clothes).

Toddler painting upcycled CDsPainting upcycled CDs

Most of the CDs needed two coats to achieve a solid white colour. I painted a couple of the CDs on both sides, before giving this up as not worth it. The silver looks good on the reverse side, and is half the effort!

Making CD Ghosts

When the CDs were dry, I cut out eye and spooky mouth shapes from black cotton fabric (upcycled from old trousers), and JJ (my 4 year, 4 month old preschooler) helped to glue them on with craft glue, making sure that the top of the mouth covered the CD hole. We folded pieces of plastic twine in half, and stuck to the reverse of the CD ghosts using clear packing tape.

Upcycled CD Ghost decorations for Halloween

I tied them around the branches of the gumtree in our front yard, for some cute (and not too scary) home-made decorations for Halloween!

Upcycled CD Ghost decorations for Halloween

Ghost decorations made from CDs

Upcycled CD ghost decorations

I also tied a couple to our front door.

Upcycled CD ghosts as Halloween decorations.

I had made a home-made bat costume for JJ from the same black fabric that I used to make the CD ghosts, but at the last minute she opted to wear her new Princess Anna dress instead. #frozenobsessed. #hopefullythebatcostumewillfitnextyear. Bee decided at the last minute that she wanted to be a dingle dangle scarecrow, so I made some ‘straw’ by cutting up an old Hawaiian skirt and taping it to her jeans, shirt and hat. Both girls were delighted with how their outfits looked, although Bee wasn’t too sure about how the ‘straw’ felt against her wrists and ankles.

This is just one of the ways you can upcycle old CDs (or DVDs) that are being featured on the 60 Day #junkplay challenge.

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Upcycled CD ghosts that kids can help make - cute DIY decorations for Halloween


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