Sponge Monsters

Sponge Monsters – a cute, colourful and quirky art idea for monster loving kids.

Sponge Monsters - process art for kids

A few mornings ago, my 5.5 year old daughter JJ raided our craft cupboard and found a sponge and a box of new paints. She cut the sponge into a rectangular shape, and evidently decided to try out a new technique of painting onto the sponge with a paint brush and then transferring the paint to paper, exploring the new colours at the same time. She did this completely of her own accord, while I was packing her school lunch in the kitchen nearby. (It’s moments like this that I lament the need to rush off to school at a particular time each morning. It would have been lovely to stay a while, and let her explore the paints and her new process a bit further.)

Painting with a sponge

A few days later we found another moment for creativity, and I pulled out her (now dried) sponge prints. I suggested that we could turn them into something with a few googly eyes and a permanent marker (two things that always garner enthusiasm in our house). We worked on this part of the project together, using clear drying glue and a paint brush to stick the googly eyes on.

Here is how they turned out.

sponge painted monsters

Sponge Monsters - process art

Cute colourful sponge monster process art for the win!

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  1. This is really cool. I don’t think I have enough sponges lying around that my toddler can use but I will have to look for something for him to use to create the monsters’ bodies. Thanks for the idea.


    • Thanks! We just used regular kitchen sponges, but I’m sure you could use all sorts of things!


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