Things JJ Said

For a three year old, JJ has so much to say. Here are a few things that have stood out lately…


Sorry if this one is TMI, but it is too funny not to share. JJ is partially toilet trained, but she still requests a nappy for her number twos. She holds on to the side of the nappy (because apparently she thinks this stops the germs from getting out), adopts a haka like stance and strains.

JJ: “Daddy, I’m not angry. My eyebrows are not down because I’m cross. I’m not cross, my eyebrows are just down because I’m pushing my poo out. Pushing out my poo makes my eyebrows go down but I’m not angry. Daddy, you say ‘Are you cross?’

Mr Banya: “Are you cross?”

JJ: “No I’m not cross. My eyebrows are just down because I’m pushing my poo out.”

Thanks for the clarification JJ. Honestly this discussion, with minor variations, would have been repeated at least fifty times in our household over the last few months.

Eyebrows down! Although admittedly JJ’s are less sultry…


And we’ve just entered the why phase. Today when we were at the petrol station, JJ said

JJ: What’s petrol?

Me: Petrol’s what we put in the car to make it work.

JJ: Why doesn’t the car want to go to work?

Me: (Ha!) It’s not that the car doesn’t want to go to work. It’s just that the car doesn’t run without petrol. It needs petrol so that the motor works properly.

JJ: But why. Why does it need petrol for it to work. Tell me why. Tell me all about it.

How do you explain internal combustion to a 3 year old? I love that she’s asking though!


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