Things JJ Said

JJ has so much to say lately.

It’s like she has all these words pent up inside her that just need to come out. She says anything and everything. She talks non-stop. Some things she says are hilariously funny. Some things she says are really insightful. Some things she says don’t make sense at all. Some things she says are a touch embarrassing. And some things she says (and says and says and says) are just bloody annoying.

Here are a few that have stood out lately…


This afternoon when JJ was sitting on my hip and we were dancing in the lounge room together to Billy Jean, JJ blurted out

JJ: “The girl in the song says ‘I am the one’ but I am a girl and really I am just one of them… Oh hang on, once a long time ago when I was a really big girl I had an ice cream. It was a proper ice cream and and I had it because I was a really big girl, and it was so big. It was HUGE. It was a whole ice cream cake, and it was really heavy, but I could carry it, because I have strong muscles, all by myself…” 

Lol. Evidently she things Michael Jackson’s voice sounds female, but she’s not alone in that respect. As for the rest, I wish I could see inside her mind, it sure does sound fun in there.

Ice cream. Nom nom nom

Last weekend, we were invited to a friend’s son’s christening. Mr Banya and JJ had the following whispered conversation in church after JJ had noticed a relief of Jesus and a few disciples on one of the pillars.

JJ: “Look, they’re all wearing white”

Mr Banya: “Yes.  Maybe they are playing cricket?”JJ: (Points to Jesus, apparently wearing a dress) “The one in the middle is a woman.  She can’t play cricket”

Mr Banya: “Really? What should she be doing?”

JJ: “She should be doing the dishes.”

Sigh. Considering Mr Banya does most of the washing up in our household and we do our best not to read books or play games that portray negative stereotypes, equality apparently still has a long way to go…

Once, when apparently I wasn’t giving JJ the attention she craved, she said

JJ: “Mummy, I just did a somersault. I am very good at it. You are very proud of me.”

Yes JJ, I am.


Life through the eyes of a 3 year old is fascinating.


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