Got fat? Make your own tallow…

Got fat?

Mr Banya has been trying to master is beef ribs lately. He would have tried dozens of variations, and he’s coming pretty damn close to nailing it.

But beef ribs in Australia are sold from the butcher with a thick layer of fat and an extra layer of meat on top.  Both need to be trimmed off before the ribs are ready to cook and usually the fat would be thrown out.  But that just seemed like an unnecessary waste.  So instead Mr Banya’s makes home-made jerky with the extra meat, and renders down the fat into tallow.

BTW – Have you heard about the trend away from cooking with most vegetable oils lately? If you are interested, you can find some more information here. Now I know that this article doesn’t mention tallow per say – but it was one of the reasons why we’ve stopped using common cooking oils such as canola oil.

While not the most fashionable thing going around, tallow is an excellent fat to cook with.  It is low in polyunsaturated fats, is very stable when heated, and has a high smoke point. Oh, and it comes free with every plate of ribs 🙂

xx Danya

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