Getting ready for the baby: packing the hospital bag

I am 39 weeks pregnant today, 1 week until the official due date, and 2 weeks past the point that I reached with JJ. Feeling HUGE, and about to go into labour any second. But I’ve felt that way for the last 2 weeks. I keep saying to Mr Banya that today’s the day, and then, it isn’t… Well, it’ll have to happen sooner or later!

I first packed my hospital bag when I was 32 weeks pregnant. That day, I’d felt the baby “drop” and had all the other pre-labour signs, so I’d haphazardly thrown a few things together into a small cabin-sized suitcase, and there they’ve sat for the past 7 weeks. But since it wasn’t all that well packed in the first place, I thought it was time to repack.  Here’s what now inside:

  • 2 x small packets of sultanas, 6 x trail bars (muesli bars / granola bars) & a packet of VIG guarana / ginseng / ginkgo herbal energy tablets – for Mr Banya for whilst I am in labour
  • I packet of 36 x newborn nappies
  • 3 x size 0000 singlets
  • 3 x size 0000 jumpsuits
  • Bunnyrug
  • 1 packet of 48 x maternity towels (maternity pads)
  • About half a packet of nursing pads
  • 4 x undies
  • Support pants (these aren’t specifically maternity related, but apparently the support style are helpful in healing the perineum in the first 72 hours)
  • Maternity bra
  • Pink maternity / nursing singlet
  • Blue maternity / nursing 3/4 sleeve top
  • Black & grey striped maternity dress
  • Black 3/4 maternity leggings
  • Grey leggings
  • Pair of black slip on shoes
  • Blue pyjama singlet
  • Grey long sleeve pyjama top with buttons down the bust
  • 3/4 patterned pyjama pants
  • 2 x black socks
  • pad & pen
  • Toiletries bag with mirror
  • Spare contacts, contacts case, small bottle of contacts solution
  • Hair brush, hair tie, bobby pins
  • Sample size toothpaste, sample size floss & spare toothbrush
  • Facial cleansing & make up removal wipes
  • Sorbolene moisturiser
  • Small bottles of shampoo & conditioner – refilled with my normal stuff
  • Spare foundation, bronzer, blusher, mascara & lip balm
  • Sample size nursing cream
  • Sample size massage cream for stretch marks
  • Sample size lanolin
There’s also a note on top of the bag to remind Mr Banya to pack a few last minute things – my reading glasses, camera, Kindle, fruit, phone + charger & my hospital card.So, help me out here Mums – what have I forgotten?

(If you want to see what I actually used, click here.)

xx Danya


  1. Natalie (FB friend o

    Ummm, I think you've got it covered! I've never read such a comprehensive list! Do you think you'll need 36 nappies? ? My last labour was just under three hours (the last 30 mins or so at the birth centre), so all I ended up using was a change of clothes for me and baby!


    • You're probably right, 36 is quite a lot. I seem to recall going though about 12 a day, so 3 days worth is more than I'll need, especially considering I'm going to try to come home as soon as they let me. (Apparently 4 hours is the minimum, but it will depend on how the labour goes…) I think I'll take out a dozen, and maybe pack a little bit more food. Thinking maybe a jar of nutella and a spoon 🙂

  2. Natalie

    Sorry, friend of Megan….Good luck with the birth…your biggest friend is positivity and laughter, your worst is fear. Relax and enjoy!


  3. Hi Natalie, nice to "meet" you! I like the vibes you are sending. Channelling lots of positivity and laughter (which may or may not sound like screaming at the time). 🙂


  4. Did you get my comment? I was going to say the ONLY thing not on your list (and I prob only took a quarter of what you have…. you are SO organised!!!) is a tennis ball, for lower back massage from hubby!!!


    • Hi, I did get your comment in my commenting system, and I approved it, but it hasn't appeared yet? Strange… (Getting a good commenting system is not as easy as it looks! Setting up blog stuff rant). Adding a tennis ball as we "speak"! Also intending to add 2 little gifts – one from JJ to the baby, and one from the baby to JJ – as recommended by one of the mum's from my playgroup today…


  5. Ooh yes, we did that with our kids, they got a pres and they gave a pres… actually when my 2nd daughter was born, my eldest was 7 and she was given a camera (a disposable FILM one… so long ago) and so she came to the hosp and took photos of the new babe and the fam. FANTASTIC idea for older siblings.. and it was thanks to one of my husbands friends. Then for my 3 year old when baby bro was born, he came with a pres for her and vice versa!! xx


  6. Adorable baby belly!


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