Happy Father’s Day

In Australia, Father’s Day falls on the 1st Sunday in September, which is today! So here’s wishing all the Dads and Granddad’s out there a big Happy Father’s Day from us! 🙂

In our family, we try not to over-commercialise these sorts of events. Home-made presents tend to be much more meaningful. And so JJ has been busy this week making three presents, for Daddy Papa & Pop…

Here’s Daddy’s present:

For Mr Banya’s present, JJ chose stripes and dots with green and white.
Happy Father’s Day Daddy!  Card & envelope decorated at playgroup. Art painted at home.

Here’s Papa’s present:

JJ painting Papa’s portrait, using a combination of brush and fingers.
Happy Father’s Day Papa! We used JJ’s footprint for the card.

Here’s Pop’s present:

Foot art!

I sticky-taped a message onto blank paper, squirted on some paint, and then let JJ loose to paint with her feet. I had intended to remove the sticky- tape, but that proved slightly tricky… So instead once the painting was dry, I re-wet the sticky-tape and wiped off the paint.

Happy Father’s Day Pop!
xx Danya


  1. That’s lovely! And totally Pinworthy 🙂


  2. That’s lovely! And totally Pinworthy 🙂


  3. Gorgeous!


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