Bacon and Nutella Toasted Sandwich

I suggested a bacon and egg sandwich for lunch.

JJ retorted by suggesting a Nutella, bacon and egg sandwich. She was insistent.

All of my instincts said “Noooo!”
But one of my parenting goals is to try to say “Yes!” more often. And I thought, she needs to learn about tastes. Unusual food combinations are a part of growing up. Potentially wasted food is worth the lesson.
So compromised with Bacon and Nutella (on toasted wholemeal bread).
I just couldn’t bring myself to include egg as well. Maybe next time…

And she loved it!

Out of curiosity, I had a small taste as well. And I must say it was quite delish. I went back for a second (larger) bite.


(Bacon does contain nitrates and nitrites which in large doses are potentially carcinogenic. We do eat bacon and other nitrate/nitrite-ish products, but not often. Nutella is, ummm, sugar in a jar essentially. But it’s really really nice and thinly spread sugar in a jar… At least the bread was wholemeal…)

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