100 Sequins for the 100th Day of School

100 sequins for the 100th day of school outfit idea

Yesterday was JJ’s 100th day of school! Her class had a huge party to celebrate. Everyone dressed in mufti (rather than their regular school uniform), and they were encouraged to wear 100 items of something or other.

JJ asked to wear a dress with 100 sequins on it, so we searched through her old dresses from last summer, and found this floaty purple number that had seen better days. It had a few small paint stains (from various backyard painting sessions), and was worn in a few places, but it still fell beautifully. Perfect for a little spruce up!

We found some dark blue and pale blue sequins in our craft stash. (They were originally given to us by a kind friend who was clearing out her cupboards. Thanks! I knew we’d find a use for them eventually!)

JJ helped to count out 100 sequins, adding in a bit of fun maths.

I laid baking paper between the layers of the dress to prevent the front and back sticking together. JJ, Bee and I all helped to stick the sequins on. We added clear-drying craft / hobby glue to each sequin with a paintbrush, and randomly stuck it somewhere on the front of the dress.

Gluing 100 sequins for the 100th day of school

For the biggest impact, and to make it MUCH easier to make, we just stuck sequins on to the front. That way we were finished after just one pasting session. It probably took about 15 minutes, plus overnight drying time all up. And I love that this was something that JJ was able to be really involved in making.

The next morning, it was easy to just peel the baking paper off, and it was ready to wear.

100th day of school dress, ready for the next morning

JJ was so delighted with how it turned out, especially loving the purple and blue ombre tones. (These are her favourite colours at the moment). Of course, she matched it with her signature long sleeve top, clashing leggings, and mismatched socks. She’s my little Punky Brewster!

Happy with her 100th day of school outfit

100th Day of School outfit

{Note: a couple of sequins may have fallen off on the walk to school, but I think that 97 sequins still counts in the scheme of things.}

If you are looking for more 100 days of school outfit ideas, here is what some of the other kids wore, which I thought were really cool.

  • 100 sight words written on a t-shirt
  • 100 Columbines tied with twine to the edge of a sombrero hat, Aussie cork hat style. (If you haven’t tried Columbines – they are an Australian hard caramel lolly, individually wrapped in metallic blue and purple foil, and they are to-die-for.)
  • 10 x double hand prints on a t-shirt, making 100 fingers.
  • 100 year old man outfit (complete with walking stick)
  • 100 beads on a necklace
  • 100 googly eyes stuck to a t-shirt
  • 100 cards stapled together to make a necklace

JJ had so much fun at school, and came home with a badge and certificate proclaiming her “100 Days Smarter”. And when you look back on the transformation that has happened to all the kindergarten kids over the last two terms, they really are!

xx Danya

Easy outfit idea (that kids can help make!) - 100 sequins to celebrate 100 days of school


  1. kim

    Gorgeous – I can't believe how effective that looked for 15 minutes of pasting! Happy the sequins found a happy home too.

    • Danya Banya

      Thank you! And thank you for the sequins! They certainly made JJ a very happy girl. 🙂


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