Stuff and stuff.

There’s been a bit of stuff going on lately.

First up, I accidentally pouring a cup of water across my laptop keyboard last week. Probably not the smartest move. In my defence, at the time I was sitting on the lid of the loo checking emails whilst supervising the kids in the bath, and JJ had asked me to pass her an empty cup that was sitting on the counter top – except it wasn’t empty. Actually, I’m not sure that’s much of a defence, but anyway, that’s what happened…

The digital interlude gave me time to write out a (massive) to-do list, which has got me freaked out in a major way. Argh, Christmas, I love you, but you do my head in as well.

Then I discovered that I have diastasis recti, which basically means that my core stomach muscles have separated. I’ll be sure to fill you in on all the gory details later…

Next on our joy list was JJ’s sore tummy which turned out to be worms. Yay. Worming tablets for the whole family, and lots of extra laundry.

And then poor Bee caught a cold, which resulted in a couple of nights of very disturbed sleep for me her. Yawn.

And then on Friday night Sydney has hit with a mo-fo storm. Usually I love Sydney’s storms. I love being nice and dry whilst nature puts on a show. Sometimes I turn off the lights and watch the lightning create silhouettes. Sometimes I count until the thunder cracks, guessing just when it will boom.

You can feel the power of water in the steady downpour of a storm, just like you can feel it at the bottom of a waterfall. Particularly if that waterfall just happens to be just metres from your front door.

So much water, and it just kept on coming. It was actually pretty impressive, until this happened.

Sigh. Luckily the damage was minor – nothing that a dozen towels couldn’t soak up. I know a lot of people fared worse than we did. But it did make for a lot of extra laundry (again) this weekend…

So I’m sorry that I haven’t been posting a lot this week. I have so much planned for you, but for now, I’m heading to bed.

Night night.


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