Go Sainters!

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Check out this scarf that I knitted for Mr Banya about four years ago, when we were living it up in St Kilda, childless and fancy free…

The 2013 AFL season kicks off tomorrow with Adelaide Crows playing Essendon. But the all important Saints first game isn’t for another week yet. Just enough time for you to whip up one of your own…

St Kilda AFL red black and white knitted scarf

Here it is next to a $2-shop-bought St Kilda beanie, to give you an idea of how the colours match. I think I got the red and black spot on, although the white is more of a cream. And the wool feels infinitely softer.

St Kilda homemade knitted scarf and store-bought beanie

We watched St Kilda “not win” the Grandfinal three times in the two years that we were living there.

Here’s a photo of JJ and I “watching” one of these Grandfinal matches down at a local pub. JJ loved to sleep with her head in my hand like this.

The littlest St Kilda supporter fast asleep during the grandfinal

And these cupcakes were to celebrate the win. Oh well, maybe this year…

St Kilda AFL cupcakes. Go Saints!


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  1. Hey Danya!
    Just wondering out if curiousity, if you would consider knitting another st Kilda scarf ?
    I’d gladly reimburse you for the time and materials.
    That one you made looks fantastic and I’m really after a nice home made scarf instead of the standard ones!


    • Hi Tom, I’m so glad you like the scarf!!

      And thanks for asking, but sorry, I have too many projects on my plate at the moment to take this on.

      If you were interested in learning to knit yourself, I can thoroughly recommend it as a hobby! It’s great to keep your hands busy while you’re watching tv (a footy game perhaps). And men who knit is totally on trend right now. I bought this wool and needles from Wool Baa in Albert Park. I believe they have adult knitting classes there too? I can’t remember the brand of wool, but I do remember it wasn’t cheap – but the scarf is sooo warm and soft, so it’s worth it!

  2. Michelle

    Hello Danya,
    I also love your St Kilda beanie and scarf. Would you share the pattern for an adult. I would like to knit for a good friend.


    • Hi Michelle,

      I made it so long ago that I can’t remember sorry! It is ribbed though, so a basic ribbed pattern would work. (Makes the scarf extra thick and warm). I didn’t follow a particular pattern for the stripes, I just did however many lines I thought looked good at the time. Best of luck with it, I’m sure your friend will love it however it turns out. My hubby still wears his!


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