Happiness: Patty Pan Collages on the Art Wall

This is what is making me happy at the moment.

Art Wall

It’s just a bunch of paintings up on our art wall. It’s the same spot with nails and twine that I used to hang the cards for our Advent Calender. The art displayed changes all the time, and it’s often artwork that the kids have done themselves – art that doesn’t usually make it onto a blog post.

Notice the two patty pan collages? (Or you might call them cupcake liners…)

Preschooler Patty Pan Art

This one was made by JJ (who is 3 years, 8 months old). She purposely layered various colours on top of one another too make a flower. While she pasted, we chatted about how if she glues the patty pan the other way around the colours are brighter, and she modified her technique part way through accordingly.

Toddler Patty Pan Art

This one was made by Bee (who is 17 months old). She’s still getting the hang of pasting, and often forgets to add the glue, trying to press the patty pan onto the picture and wondering why it won’t stick. We worked together on this piece of art – I would add the glue and Bee would stick it on. I was only a support person – she was very much in charge of all the design aspects.

This activity brought me back to when JJ was 2 years old, and she used to make patty pan collages every other night. She enjoyed it so much that we made the materials readily available so she could paste whenever she wanted to. And paste she did! Here are just of her creations that we had up on our wall at the time.

Patty Pan Wall

And iff you look closely enough, you’ll see that this photo is the faded out background for my blog header. (Readers viewing this in a reader or an email might need to click over to the site to be able to see).

It sums up what this blog is about – kids having fun, creating and learning in a child-led way.

xx Danya


  1. Pam@Threading My Way

    I am proudly displaying patty cake liner artwork on my fridge at the moment. They make great flowers! Lots of fun. Love your art wall with string and pegs!!!
    My recent post Adding Lace to a Pillowcase…

    • Danya Banya

      Thank you, and yay for displaying kids art!

  2. ritaazar2

    Very creative! Just letting you know that I'm receiving again your posts in my Bloglovin feed! Yay! And, big congrats on going self-hosted! I hope you're enjoying the new format.
    My recent post Rebranding The Crafty Expat

    • Danya Banya

      Thanks Rita! Yes after your message the other day I went on a mission to fix up my RSS. So glad it is working again! I've done the move to self-hosted myself (with a fair bit of help from Mr Banya) and there have been a few hiccoughs along the way, but it's getting closer and closer to looking like what I would like…. (I don't think it will ever be 'finished' as there are so many tweaks you can do, and I constantly change my mind!)


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