Going macro

I went to my first photography course the other weekend.
The setting was absolutely gorgeous, down near the Overseas Passenger Terminal on Sydney Harbour. And it was a glorious, glorious Winter day. The kind of day where Sydneysiders say smugly to each other “And this is Winter!” or “This is like an English midsummer’s day!”, all whilst ignoring the 3 weeks of torrential rain that we had earlier in June.But we weren’t here to take landscape shots, as this was a macro photography course. It was all about taking photos of things up close and personal.

And it was also, I’ll admit, about forcing me to switch the camera to manual mode.

Here’s just a few of my notes. Whilst I know some of this already, there was definitely a bit of an “aha” moment where it all comes together.

Oh, and yes, someone had apparently swapped my normal pen with a red pencil. It made me feel very much like a stay-at-home-mum out on excursion for the day. 🙂

The course focused on improving technique rather than taking the most beautiful photos. We were intentionally given a narrow subject range (a forsaken looking garden bed), so that we weren’t too distracted by the glitz of the harbour.

The first challenge was to take several different shots of the same subject. Here is my study of a lilli pilli fruit.


Our second challenge was to find something ugly or boring, and try to take a shot that makes it appear more interesting. Here is my attempt of improving upon this manhole cover. The first is shot practically from above, and the second from very low with a small f-stop.


Oh, and I had a little visitor too…

My photography skills still have a long way to go, but I’m learning…


PS: Just FYI in case you are interested, this photography course was run by Remember Forever. But this is not a sponsored post – I ‘paid’ for the course using a Red Balloon voucher I’d won from a Love, Life and Hiccups competition (thanks Sonia!). Remember Forever had no idea that I blog when I did the course.


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