Big Changes

Big changes are afoot in the Banya household.

Firstly, Mr Banya is taking a work break. When his contract finished after almost 4 years, we had the choice of rushing into another contract or instead, taking a breath, and savouring some family time.

It comes at a cost of course. We’ve had to dip into the money that has been put aside for our future home purchase / early retirement / rainy day. And whilst our day-to-day spending has always been frugal, we’re having to be even more conscious.

But the upsides are, of course, huge. There is probably never going to be a better time for us to be at home together, except perhaps when the kids move out of home in 25 odd years.

Mr Banya is loving spending so much time with his daughters while they are so young. He’s there to see Bee’s milestones. He can take JJ on special trips to the museum, or the zoo, or a new park. And he’s actually been ticking things off the OMG-we-need-to-do list, like putting Bee on our Medicare cards, submitting tax, and registering the car. He’s also been mastering his smoky ribs recipe – nom nom, I’ll invite you over to try it sometime.

JJ is loving the extra attention which she has been demanding, but not always getting, since Bee was born. Most of her attention-seeking naughty behaviour has waned. She’s no longer running off, and her need for “mummy-time” is decreasing. She is often able to play quietly by herself in the afternoons. All good signs.

And Bee is getting some actual one-on-one time. We’ve been going to a Mother’s Group and a Baby Playgroup, making friends with other mothers and babies of similar age.

But I’m loving having Mr Banya home most of all. I’ve gone from just getting by, counting down the hours of every day, to actually coping. I’ve been able to go to bed early, and sleep in on some days so I’m gradually catching up on my sleep deficit. I’m nicer. I’ve got the patience to read 5 books to JJ before afternoon tea, or play peek-a-boo with Bee for the thousandth time. I’m being more of the parent that I want to be.

The second big change going on at the moment is that we are about to move. Last week we were given notice that the house we are renting is going to be sold. Groan. So we are madly on the hunt for a new place, with packing, moving and unpacking ahead of us. Whilst it sucks that this decision was outside of our control, thank goodness it happened whilst Mr Banya is off work.

And the third big change is that JJ is going to be starting Preschool in a fortnight. She is craving independence lately and I think this will be good for her. Technically she’ll be enrolled in “Early Learning”, which is designed to help children who have never been in any kind of childcare facility prepare for Preschool. She’ll learn how to look after her own things, how to interact with the other kids, and how to take directions and receive comfort from someone other than Mummy. It’s a really gentle program, with double the usual staffing ratios so there are plenty of teachers for extra cuddles. She can start with half days, and I am allowed to stay for as long as she needs me. We can see how we go. If it doesn’t work, then we’ll stop. But I’m quietly confident that she’ll enjoy all the stimulus and won’t look back. (Famous last words).

So, if I’m quiet on the blog front in the next few weeks, it’s because I’m bloody busy. I have so much content, but no time to write….


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