And the winner is…

Big congratulations to Kim M!

You have won the Little Bellies giveaway by liking Danya Banya on Facebook and by answering “What snacks do your kids enjoy?” with this comment:

My daughter LOVES frozen peas, especially in summer! 

In the Banya household, I’ve served cooked peas (from frozen) plenty of times, but I’d never thought to serve them frozen! So when JJ was stalking the cupboards a few minutes before dinner was ready last week, I followed your suggestion and served frozen peas as an appetiser. And it was a big hit – with JJ and Bee. I think this will be a simple and healthy go to pre-dinner snack for us from now on…

So Kim M, congratulations again, and please keep an eye on your inbox (or spam) for an email from me. 🙂


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