Things I Know – Christmas Edition

Miss Cinders from Saturday Morning Ogre Mum invites bloggers to write a weekly post called Things I Know. This week, I thought I would join in the fun….

I know… how lucky we are to be able to enjoy Christmas with our extended family.

I know… that spreading the celebrations over three days is better than trying to go to three events all on the one day.

I know… that Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, sung out of pitch in toddler-falsetto, makes me grin.

I know… that grandparents will ignore you when you ask them to limit the number of presents they buy your toddler.

I know… that a 2.5 year old can get bored with opening presents surprisingly quickly.

I know… that no matter how much Christmas kerfuffel is going on around them, tiny babies keep growing.

I know… that little ones who are overtired and overstimulated chuck massive pre-bed tantrums.

I know… that three tantrums in three days is worth it, because this is a special time of year…

I know… that, as much as I love Christmas, it is still a good feeling when it is all over.

And I know… that I’m looking forward to a (hopefully) fantastic 2013!

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