Orange Faces!

DIY Orange Faces using a permanent marker (Sharpie)
Draw your own orange faces! 
Permanent marker + bowl of oranges = so much fun!
Here’s a fun, easy activity for older toddlers or preschoolers that even the “craft-free-zone” Mums might warm up to.
Toddler or preschooler activity - drawing Orange Faces
Drawing an orange face!
JJ and I took turns to draw faces on some oranges using a permanent marker (Sharpie). Afterwards she decided that each orange face represented a member of our extended family.
Orange faces
Cuddling her favourites
Orange face
Bee with the ‘Bee orange’
Orange face
JJ with the ‘JJ orange’
Orange face
Which we then cut in half
Eating orange faces
And ate!
Orange faces! A bowl of oranges with faces drawn on
Our fruit bowl family!
We’ve eaten ‘someone’ every day since. 🙂
This activity required no prep, and kept us entertained for 15 minutes or so. JJ got to practice her fine motor skills (it’s tricky drawing on something that is round), as well as her early drawing and writing skills. We took turns to draw the faces (I find that she is more interested in a craft activity if I participate too), but I gave her the freedom to decide what she was going to draw. And lastly we ate some yummy, vitamin C filled fruit for afternoon tea!
Do you ever play with your food?

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