Getting ready for the baby: what was actually used out of my hospital bag for Bee’s birth

A few weeks ago I shared with you what I’d packed in my hospital bag here.

Now that Bee has arrived, I thought I would share with you what I actually used:

3 trail bars (muesli bars / granola bars)
2 apples, 2 bananas, and a bunch of grapes
VIG guarana / ginseng / ginkgo herbal energy tablets – for Mr Banya whilst I was in labou
1 x size 0000 singlet,
1 x size 0000 jumpsuit,
1 x Bunnyrug – for the car trip home
3 x undies
Maternity bra
Pair of black slip on shoes
Toiletries bag
Toothbrush, toothpaste & floss (all spare sample sizes)
Sorbolene moisturiser
Foundation & blush
Laptop + charger
Phone + charger
Small amount of cash
A gift from JJ (the new big sister) to the baby (Bee)
A gift from Bee to JJ
A gift from Mummy & Daddy to JJ

As I was in hospital for about 18 hours pre-labour, I had quite a bit of time to kill.  The laptop, phone, Kindle, fruit and cash for drinks / snacks in the cafeteria were all great distractions.

I was only in the hospital for 14 hours after Bee was born, and most of that was overnight.  For a longer hospital stay, you’d need a lot of the other things that I’d packed and didn’t use…

I used the hospital’s facilities where available – this included hospital gowns for Bee and I, hospital undies, maternity pads, newborn nappies.  I’d still strongly recommend packing these things though – you wouldn’t want to be left short…

Hopefully this will help out a soon-to-be-new-mum!

xx Danya

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