Five Fantastic Projects on my To-Do List (11-15)

There are so many awesome project ideas out there. I’m compiling a list of things that are in my “I totally reckon I could totally have a stab at that” basket, and (hopefully) crossing of some as I go.

15. Scrap-Pieced Belt

Scrap-Pieced Belt by Make It and Love It

You know I love anything that involves using up scrap fabrics. It’s like a hobby of mine. Plus I like the idea of making several of these in different hues, that could act as a way of tying together the different components of an outfit. And they look pretty funky to boot!

14. Watermelon, Tomato, Goats Cheese & Chili Salad

Watermelon, Tomato, Goats Cheese & Chili Salad by The Kitchy Kitchen
What a strange combo! I’m really interested to see what this would taste like.

13.  Strawberry Santa Hats

Strawberry Santa Hats by Planning With Kids

These are just adorable aren’t they! Minimal junk yet maximum impact.

12. Fruit Necklace

Fruit Necklace = Fun Snack by The Artful Parent

Afternoon tea + fine motor skills development all in one activity.

11. Make A Garland (or Ten)

Ten Ways To Make A Garland by A Beautiful Mess

And just because I love garlands!

Here’s a recap of what’s already on my To-Do list:
10. Bapron
9. DIY Labels
8. Oragami Bows
7. Wearable Towel
6. Grass in a CD Case
5. Colourful Swirly Stud Earrings
4. Chocolate Sprinkle Spoons
3. Chocolate, Bran & Zucchini Muffins
2. Baby Mistletoe Feet

1. Big Bow T-Shirt

(For more details, here is the original posts for 1-5 & 6-10)


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