Appliqued 1 Baby Singlet

I made this “1” singlet to celebrate Baby Bee’s one month birthday milestone.

The base is one of JJ’s hand-me-down size 0000 yellow singlets.

I used the “1” template from my fabric numbers. It is a little large for a newborn’s singlet. I debated whether to reduce the font size. But I have in mind to create a numbered top for Bee every month, with the number being the same size to show proportionally how much she’s grown, and she will grow into this font size soon enough.

I searched through my fabric scrap collection for odd fabrics of differing colours & patterns, and sewed them together into stripes. Then I traced the number one using the template, cut it out, and pinned it on. Using a pale yellow thread, I sewed it on with a long straight stitch, trying not to stretch the fabric as I sewed. Then I sealed the edges using a long wide zigzag stitch.

And here is little 1 month old Bee totally rocking it!

Now I have to get started on a “2”….

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