Spooky Orange Faces

Make your own Spooky Orange Faces and add some Halloween to your fruit bowl.

As far as stories go, this one starts on a late September afternoon. Granny and Pop were visiting, and we were sitting outside eating some oranges.I’d just posted about our family of Orange Faces that JJ and I had drawn the week before, and a few readers had commented that they would be a good Halloween idea. And since I had a fresh bag of oranges just waiting to be vandalised….

JJ asked to draw the first one, she wanted to draw a witch.

But she was too distracted by the lure of play with Pop to sit patiently and draw some more. There were trampolines to jump on, tunnels to crawl through, tricycles to ride…

So Granny and I sat and chatted, and drew these three little critters.

Then Pop asked if he could have a turn. He drew JJ’s face, checking with her as he went: how many eyebrows did she have; did she have pointy ears; and was there a wart on her nose?

The orange turned into a fantastic caricature of JJ. She loved it!

Actually she loved it so much that she asked to eat it, right now. Alas I tried to persuade her that I needed to keep it for my photos, but the girl is nothing but determined. So, sigh, we ate the JJ orange, and I kept on drawing faces on the others.

I didn’t realise until afterwards that I was wearing some of JJ’s play jewellery and headband. But it could have been worse – I remember accidentally turning up to a friend’s house with cat ears on once. :)
What do you think? I quite like the googly eyed one. I probably should say I like JJ’s witch best. But really, the JJ caricature one is my favourite. I just wish it made it into the final photos. :(