Our little Space family!

‘S’ is for Space! And Satellite, Saturn, Sun, Stars and the entire Solar System really…

Late last year we were lucky enough to be invited to an “S” themed fancy dress party.

Hmm, what to wear? I needed something that would work across all family members, including a newborn, and would allow me to baby wear and breastfeed. A hard task!

Sunflowers? Spiders? Scooby Doo? Star Wars? Sesame Street?

And then I had a revelation. Space! Satellite, Saturn, Sun, Stars. The entire Solar System really…

So I set about cutting, painting, glittering, sticking, gluing and appliquéing. You can see how to make the Sun and the Saturn facemasks here, and I’ll post details on how to make the Stars and the Satellite outfits later this week.

For now though, I thought I’d share some photos from the party.

These photos were all taken by Megan Webb, who was shooting on the go, in poor light conditions, at the same time as co-hosting the event. What a multi-tasker! Megan’s just launched her own Megan Webb Photography blog, and one of her first posts is about this very party.

Sun and Saturn Space Costumes
Outer Space Costumes
Sun and Saturn Dress Up
Intergalactic love
Intergalactic Love
You are my sun and stars
The sun, in all her beauty
Space family!
Kissing the top of a newborn's head
Me and my girls
Me and my girls
Chocolate sprinkle spoons!
Chocolate Spoons ticked off my To-Do List!
Thanks Ness from One Perfect Day for the idea, they were great!



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