My Christmas Wish List

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My friends in the Australian blogging world are playing a little game. It started Tuesday with Essentially Jess writing her Christmas Wish List, tagging iSophie who wrote her Christmas List that afternoon, in which she tagged me.

So, now it’s my turn. I’ve got five wishes.

Hmm, well if Santa were truly magical, I’d wish for…

A Mary Poppins Bag

You know, the one that you can fit everything in, and it doesn’t get any bigger or heavier? With a toddler and a newborn, I have to lug around so much stuff. Wallet, phone, keys, nappies, wipes, lunchbox, sling, sunscreen, hats, dummy, water, kindle. Sanitiser, bandaids, Bonjela. JJ’s toy de jour. The latest craft creation, usually still drying, that we have to bring home from playgroup. 
The contents of my “handbag” one random day from mid 2012 – when I only had one child’s stuff to tote around…
Oh and Santa, I’d like it to be able to change colour and style, so it can go with any outfit too please. K thx ta.

Healthy Drive Through Options


It’s not that I’m lazy, it’s just that sometimes it’s impossible to get both kids out of the car, especially if one of them is sleeping. And I don’t want to resort to the usual unhealthy fastfood drive through options. I’d like drive through sushi and sashimi. Drive through Thai pickup. Drive through real coffee. That sort of thing.

Caffeine Buzz On/Off Switch


I love caffeine. It has a major effect on me. I get a caffeine buzz off just one weak latte. I’m more enthusiastic, smarter, funnier. Hell, one coffee and I’m the life off the party. The only problem is, the effects linger for days and days. I must have insufficient liver enzymes or something because the coffee I had two days ago can keep me awake all night long.

Instant Learning, Matrix Style

I’d love to be able to plug myself in and gain instant knowledge of how to use Gimp (the image manipulation software, not the bondage suit). Tying to add pretty words to images to make them pinworthy is simply doing my head in.



OK, getting my sewing / crafting geek on here. But it’s a tricky one. I was initially going to say a supply of every colour cotton thread available, but then I’d have to store it all. So I actually think a portal linking me straight to a haberdashery store would be a better option. OMG totally drooling over this idea, think of all the fat quarter bundles!

And as per the rules of the game, I get a bonus sixth wish, which has to be a wish for someone else. So my sixth wish is

Global Environmental Sustainability

I know Santa, it’s a big one for you to fix, but I have faith in you. So that everyone, everywhere did their little bit, and politicians worldwide did their big bit. If you could just search in the bottom of your magic sack and pull out a way to make this old earth of ours tick better, that’d be great. And I’m talking about environmental sustainability for the animals as well as for the people. So I’m including puppy farms, wildlife corridors, bringing back dodos etc. (There’s a reason Miss Cabernet calls me Dr Doolittle.)
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