Kids in the Kitchen: Making Fruit Skewers

JJ and I made strawberry and grape fruit skewers for morning tea today. I’ve blogged about making fruit skewers before, and it’s a fun activity we do together quite often. Somehow fruit on sticks is so much more fun!

And there’s also a bit of sneaky learning going on at the same time. She’s learning about fruit, their names, colours, textures. And she’s learning about basic food preparation.

She’s learning to be careful of the pointy end of the skewer.

She’s developing fine motor skills, hand eye coordination and mental concentration – all of which are precursors to writing.

I asked her how many strawberries she chose and how many grapes, which is great counting practice.

And she’s also learning about patterns. I tended to make skewers where the fruit were evenly distributed (strawberry, grape, strawberry, grape, etc), whereas JJ chose to use mostly grapes and only one strawberry. I didn’t instruct her – I just pointed out how we were making different choices, and both ways are correct.

And so she’s learning how to make choices, in situations where there is no wrong answer. This helps to develop her self-confidence.

And the results – yummy!