How to make a Baby Bumble Bee outfit

Bumble Bee Onesie
Given that we’ve blognamed* our second child “Bee”, I thought I should make a little baby bumble bee outfit for her.
I used a store-bought size 000 infant bodysuit (or you might call it a onesie) on sale for $4.80.

I found some black knit fabric in my upcycling fabric stash. A few snips with the scissors, a tad of pinning, and we have the word “bee” ready to be sewn on.

Using black cotton, I sewed around each letter using a long wide zigzag stitch.

Next came some stripes around the bottom half of the suit, wrapping around both front & back. I left the edge of the legs and the bottom clasp areas free.

Flip it over, and sew some wings on he back. The ribbon is the same pale yellow as the suit, with metallic silver edging. I narrowed the zigzag stitch width so that it would fit within the ribbon’s width.

I tried pinning this first but I couldn’t get it to look right. So instead I removed all the pins and just winged it. (Teehee.)

And there you have it! I should probably now make a headband with baubly bee antenna on it… :)

As you can see, this suit has lots of lovely character-adding flaws. The black lines didn’t end up perfectly straight. The edges are all zigzaggy. The wings are just sewed on ribbon, rather than some sort of spectacular wing stuff. But I think these all work together. This screams home-made. I mean after all, if you want a perfect bee costume, you could just jump on the Internet and order some nylon made-in-a-sweatshop thingy for $20. But where’s the fun in that???

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*I just totally made the word blognamed up to mean the nickname you give your child on your blog. If it catches on, remember that you heard it here first! :)