Invite your child to draw on a mirror…

Invite your child to draw on a mirror with textas
and let them draw a new hairstyle (she chose red curls)
Drawing a new red curly hairstyle with texta on a mirror
Mirror drawing with texta - easy preschooler activity

I’ve been inspired by all the mirror play I’ve been seeing on some of my favourite Aussie blogs lately.

We’ve had a mirror hung low on the wall of our playroom for a few months now. Studied have shown that when children can see their reflection whilst they are playing, they are better behaved. I’m not sure that it’s working in our case (lol), but it certainly adds another dimension to the girls’ play.

But I’d never really thought about playing directly with mirrors before, until I met Kate from An Everyday Story, who introduced me to the Reggio Emilia parenting approach and their focus on authentic open-ended materials for play, in particular using mirrors in all sorts of play situations.

So when I saw some small mirrors in the local discount shop for $2.50 each, I picked up a couple. I’ve got so many play ideas for them! But we started off with a really simple idea – drawing on mirrors with regular washable markers.

(Before we started, we had a little chat about mirrors, how they are made of glass and are breakable. I find that JJ enjoys the responsibility of being allowed to play with fragile items and, given prior warning and the right environment, can be trusted to play with them very gently.)

I didn’t tell JJ exactly what to draw – I let her decide for herself. She immediately started drawing big swirls, and declared that she was drawing “new hair”.

Here she is holding up her finished ‘portrait’.

JJ's drawing

And the best bit? With a wet wipe she could wipe the surface clean easily herself and start all over again. This was a quick and easy activity that we’ll definitely be doing again (and again, and again).

Wipe off and start again

Rachel (from Racheous: Loveable Learning) and I must have been channelling each other because she did a similar activity called Mirror Portraits, except she had the brilliant idea to use a special markers (that really make the pictures pop)! Or for more messy mirror play, Debs from Learn with Play at Home let her kids paint on their hallway mirror. And for those who want to play with mirrors without the mess, check out Kate’s beautiful Reggio: Mirrors Pinterest board.



  1. I adore this, perfect for this weeks something for the weekend.

  2. Susen

    Mirror fun!! Curious to see how my daughter will take to it!
    My recent post Pretend Play

  3. Beautiful! Love your reflections on her interaction with the activity. It really is a lovely way to do a self-portrait 😀
    My recent post Plant Activities

  4. Jill

    Oh, what a terrific idea!
    Thank you for stopping by the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop this week. We hope to see you drop by our neck of the woods next week!

  5. pisforpreschooler

    My daughter loves watching herself in the mirror…she would love being able to draw on one! I'll have to look for one she can use. I love the "new hair"! lol!
    My recent post Homemade Puffy Paint (Hands-on Play)

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