Holey crotch, Batman! A baby cardigan refashion

Reuse, refashion, upcycle, recycle.
Refashioned Baby Cardigan

Here’s a super easy “refashion” for you.

I started with this infant bodysuit (aka onesie) which had been handed down from JJ to Bee, and as you can see, had been loved just about to death.

Baby onesie with hole in crutch

Holes from press studs
Holey crotch, Batman!

Initially I was considering cutting out the little baby giraffe design to appliqué onto a plain top, but then I thought –  BABY CARDIGAN! So obvious, and so easy…

Refashioned Baby Cardigan
Refashioned baby giraffe cardigan

(OK, I’ll admit that I first tried to do the hem with my new double needle, but failed dismally in getting the tension right. So I cut off that dodgy hem and instead re-hemmed twice using my normal needle. Not quite as straight as it would have been with the double needle, but certainly good enough. And Bee doesn’t mind…)

Baby Bee wearing her new cardigan