A Letter to Bee (7 months)

I wrote this letter to you weeks ago, and with all the packing up and moving house, I hadn’t a chance to actually post it. So Bee, here is your 7 month letter, only a few days before your 8 month birthday…

Dear Baby Bee,

You’re slowly becoming mobile. You can now roll around the floor every which way, and you are starting to commando crawl for up to a metre. Sometimes you get up on your hands and toes and hover, obviously frustrated that this isn’t having the effect that you are looking for.
You can’t get yourself into a sitting position yet, but if I sit you down, then you can stay there unsupported, with a few wobbles that you can correct yourself. (Although you will fall at the slightest push, so I have to be careful that your sister doesn’t give you too many cuddles.)
From sitting, you can pick up and play with toys that are very close by, and you can also flop forward onto your tummy if you want to commando crawl over to a toy that is a little further away.
I try not to sit you very often though, because I’d rather you to practice your crawling and hopefully learn to sit up on your own. But apparently you’ve decided that being horizontal is not cool, and have started to shriek like you’ve been abandoned whenever I lie you down on the floor, even if I’m sitting right next to you.
Ahh, Fiji…
Hanging with the boys – Mr Banya and Mr Frequent Flyer
Your absolute favourite position remains however, to be held and carried around. This could be the onset of separation anxiety, except that you don’t seem to mind who is carrying you, as long as you are in the thick of things. We spent a week in Fiji earlier this month (Bula!) and the Fijian waitresses couldn’t get enough of you. Whenever we dined, you were handed around from person to person, and you LOVED it. Now that we are back, I’m starting to put you in the baby carrier more and more so that you are happy and I still have my hands free.
You’ve started swimming – both in Sydney and while we were in Fiji. You love it! Kicking and splashing. You don’t mind having your head under the water – you hold your breath, and come up relatively happy, gulping fresh air and blinking the water out of your eyes.
Staying cool with Mr Banya, Bananaman, Wifey and Miss Tequila Makes Me Easy
Just after you turned 6 months, after you’d finished transitioning from being swaddled arms-in, to arms-out, we moved your cot from beside our bed to your own room. (Technically it is both your and your sister’s room, but she’s taking longer to get used to the idea.) You’re sleeping fairly well for your day naps, particularly if the house is quiet. During the night, you wake up to nurse and/or put the dummy back in about 3-6 times a night. I’ve got a chair in there so I can nurse you in the dark. You only need about 5-10 minutes to nurse, and then I can put you straight back down and you resettle instantly. Usually I can get straight back to sleep as well.
Another thing I should mention is that you’ve developed an attachment to a little security blanket, which we’ve named Sir Tags-a-Lot, and you struggle to sleep without it. I’m really hoping that this attachment stays, because I think it will be helpful for you in your toddler years to have a special toy that brings you comfort.
Chillaxing on a remote Fijian island, with Sir Tagsalot, your dummy and some dry coral and a chunk of bread for toys…

Food-wise, you’re eating almost everything that what we eat now. You’ve had cheese, carrots, broccoli, broccolini, baby corn, green beans, wholemeal bread, peanut butter, soy beans, lettuce, cucumber, Weetbix, porridge, beef, chicken, pork, lamb, yoghurt, celery, crackers, oranges, apples, pears, mandarins, banana, chips, egg, fish, prawns, avocado, tomato, noodles, rice, corn tortillas, watermelon, rockmelon.

The only foods I’m intentionally avoiding are ones that are high in sugar, are very processed, are very spicy (hot) or include honey (botulism risk).

Munching on some steak. Nom nom!
So far, you like everything! Even strong tastes, like salad dressing. Because I’m not pureeing anything, most of it gets sucked on and then spat out. But judging from your nappies, some of it is going down.
There have been a couple of occasions where you’ve gagged, and once where you’ve vomited. I’m not worried about this – gagging and vomiting are natural responses to prevent food that is too big from getting too far back in your mouth. Actually, it’s reassuring to see that your gag reflex is working fine. (Note: Mr Banya and I have attended a Baby CPR and Choking course – something I recommend for parents and babysitters, regardless of whether they are doing baby-led weaning.)

This month you also got to meet some very lovely, funny, inspirational and super talented bloggers at the Digital Parents Conference 2013. Poor Mummy felt a bit bumblingoverawednervous, star-struck, being in a room full of demi-gods people that she reads and looks up to, but you seemed happy to take it all in your stride. You were passed around from blogger to blogger, many of whom were missing their wee bubs back home, and did a great job of wooing everyone’s hearts.

On the second day of the conference, I was listening to a panel discussion on ‘The Myth of Having It All’, while you jollied yourself rolling around on the floor. Discussions were centring on what “all” means. It got me thinking about choices. Your father and I are both taking work breaks at the moment so that we can be with you and your sister. This means sacrifices in other areas, but they are areas that we are willing to forsake.
Meanwhile, Kylie Purtell from A Study In Contradictions was watching you from the other side of the room, and tweeted “@Danya_Banya your blogger baby is the all I’m hoping for“. And you know what? She’s right. You are my “all”. At least, you are one of my “alls”. And I wouldn’t wish it any other way.

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  1. Bachelor Mum

    Your baby is gorgeous, I remember her. I love the name of her blanky. Very sweet. You’ll treasure this post in years to come x

  2. Lovely post – very impressed by how well Bee is eating.I would love to see you at this week’s Baby Shower link up, Alice x

  3. Another beautiful letter Danya! Hope the moving is going well.

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