A Letter to Bee (4 months)

A Letter to Bee (4 months)

Dear Baby Bee,

You’ve come out of your newborn haze this last month. Smiles and laughs abound! There is something truly magical about the sound of a babies first laugh.

You also love giving big sloppy open mouthed pashes. You may have vomited a little bit into my mouth on one of those open mouthed pash occasions. Ewww.

Baby blue eyes
Photo by Megan Webb Photography

You’ve discovered that you have knees. If we touch one of them, you’ll look down, grab it with both hands, bring it up towards your face, and study it intently. I don’t think you know that your feet exist yet though.

Baby looking at hands
Noticing your hands

You seem to know that you have hands. You’re holding things and bringing them to you mouth to suck on them. You do like your teethers, but you seem to have a special liking for sucking on fabrics. I understand it. I prefer fabric over plastic too. Maybe you’ll grow up to love sewing…

Baby with tongue sticking out
Taken by Megan Webb Photography

You’re starting to really vocalise and experiment with your voice, sometimes at 4am, which is just adorable, except when it’s 4am.

You continue to be a star tummy-timer. You prefer being put down on your tummy and then flipping over to your back yourself. If we put you down on your back straight away, you get all sooky like we’re abandoning you.

You can totally roll like an expert from your tummy to your back over your right shoulder. I haven’t seen you do it over your left shoulder yet however.

Almost rolling from back to tummy

And you’ve started to almost roll from your back to your tummy. You get your legs over but the top half of you only gets about 3/4 of the way. But you’re pretty happy with flipping back and forth from these two positions that you don’t seem to mind that you can’t make it the whole way.

You’ve just gotten yourself addicted to a new swaddle that Santa brought you. Nice and light for the summer’s heat. It has detachable wings. I have tried you with the wings off once or twice, but you couldn’t sleep. With you almost rolling, I guess that means we’re going to have to wean you off your wings. Damn.

Baby Bee, asleep, swaddled in flannel, with stickers on her face and dummy
Pre-Christmas, in your old flannel swaddle. Apparently JJ thought you needed decorating…

Up til now, you’ve been *one of those babies* who can go to sleep fairly easily. {Hopefully I haven’t just jinxed myself.} It seems I can recognise your tired signs, swaddle you, pop in a dummy, lie you down awake but happy and tired, and walk away. OMG! I never knew this existed outside of books before. A lot of people have been saying it’s because I’m a second time mum and I know what I am doing now. Bollocks. It’s all you. There’s no way that JJ would have slept this way. Ever. Seriously, like never ever.

And another thing, you don’t cry anymore. You’ll call out if you’re bored, or hungry, or tired. But you don’t actually cry. I know there are a lot of mums out there who are swearing at me right now. In my defense, I’ve done my dues with version 1.0.

Sisters - Girl and baby
Sisterly cuddles by Megan Webb Photography

I haven’t had you weighed in ages, but you seem to be putting on baby fat in all the right baby places.

To my darling girl, I love you as much as your first laugh is magical.


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