1. I love all the details in these lovely instruments!
    My recent post Chinese New Year Dragon Art for Toddlers

    • Danya Banya

      Thank you!

  2. laura

    Was your cylinder cardboard or metal? I thought the nails might crush the cardboard. Thanks!

    • They are actually made with a Maggi crisps tube (which is the same as a Pringles tube) – so technically it’s a “paperboard can with a foil-lined interior”. x

  3. Julie

    Diameter is the longest line through the CENTER of the circle.
    Circumference is the distance AROUND the circle.

    Cute idea.

    • Danya Banya

      Oh my gosh, of course! I can't believe I made that mistake (twice)! Thank you so much for pointing this out, I've fixed it now. :)

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